List of Passport Seva Kendra in India

In India, Passport offices are setup in every major city. All passport centers in India are divided into three types of offices – Regional Passport Offices, Passport Seva Kendra and Post Office Passport Seva Kendra.

Passport Seva Kendra

In India, Passport Seva Kendra are centers for application of passport and inquiries related to those. Passport Seva Kendra are also called PSK. At any local Passport seva kendra, citizens may avail services like application for passport, making changes in their passport, knowing details about their passport and status enquiry.

One of the benefits of these PSKs is that you can apply from anywhere in India. Even if you are not in your home city, the local passport center in your current location too is eligible to provide you services.

Find local Passport Seva Kendra in the list below –

All Passport Seva Kendra in India

There are 36 Passport offices in India. Under every passport office, there are various PSK (Passport Seva Kendra) and POPSK (Post Office Passport Office Kendra).

Here is list of all PSK and POPSK in India –

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Can I visit any PSK?

Yes, you can visit any local PSK disregard of where you are from. Even if you are not in your city, any passport seva kendra around you may provide you services related to passport seva portal.

Let us suppose your home town in Jalandhar. But you are in Pune for some work and you suddenly need some information to be updated in your passport. So do you need to visit your home city branch only? No, you can visit any branch of Passport seva kendra in India.

Can I apply for passport from other cities?

Yes, you can apply for passport through any Passport office, PSK or POPSK. You just need important documents that are required to be submitted. Also, you must be eligible to applying for the passport. If you meet all eligibility conditions, you can contact any city branch of passport office and apply.

What documents are required for passport?

Documents required for applying passport are :

  • Address proof.
  • Election ID card with present address.
  • Aadhaar card.
  • Phone bill with current address.
  • Gas connection.
  • Bank passport.
  • Rental agreement.

Also, a police verification certificate is required for passport application. Any Passport seva kendra shall be able to tell you more about police verification process.

How many days it takes to get a passport?

If applied through a PSK, it will take around a month for all processes to be completed. It takes around 10 days for the application to be submitted and a week for verification processes at police station. Then it takes around 7 days after the dispatch that you will get your passport.

So we hope you have found proper information about Passport seva kendra in India. If you need more information, please check official website of passport seva portal.